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Proud Member of TCIA


J’s Tree Trimming and Removal, Inc. is a proud member of The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

TCIA’s mission is simple

To advance tree care businesses.

TCIA’s mission helps ensure that J’s mission can be fulfilled when providing our customers with the highest quality of professional, reliable and safe tree care.

As an association established in 1938 that has over 2,300 tree care firms and affiliated companies, TCIA provides it’s members with information about

  • the latest tree care and removal equipment,
  • techniques and recommendations on how to control loss thereby reducing insurance claims and increasing safety,
  • suggestions on safety to not only insure your property is protected but our skilled team of tree trimmers are as well, and
  • much more.

One such article, Storm Prep: At a Moment’s Notice, Is Your Fleet “Good to Go?” reminded us to walk through our company’s preparedness as we enter the Michigan winter and ice storm season.

As a tree care professional, having our equipment and personnel prepared is only one aspect of our job. The other is to ensure your property is prepared to avoid any potential damage or accidents from sick, dying or aging trees. At J’s, we want to avoid tragic mishaps like the one that occurred in July of 2013 when a woman, who was walking her dog in a Minnesota park, was killed when a large branch fell on her.

In Michigan, where there is 11.9 million acres of forest land owned by families or corporation or other private groups, there are many threats to our trees

  • Invasive insects such as the bright-green emerald ash borer or the Asian longhorned beetle
  • Diseases such as Oak Wilt or Beech Bark disease

Have a tree care professional provide a consultation today, don’t wait until it’s too late.