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In the world of tree services, whether tree trimming or tree removal, there are a variety of methods.

When reviewing and quoting a project we consider the following questions:

  • Should we use a bucket or lift for the tree trimming?

  • Do we need to bring in a crane for a tree removal?

  • Is it right to use the climbing gear?

Without surveying the project, it’s hard to just give a quote over the phone. 

Can we easily access the tree?  This isn’t a question for the novice homeowner on the other end of the line.

By determining the means on how to approach the tree services project, it helps us identify the type of equipment we may need to use.

We need to consider if this a project where we can drive a 45-foot Mini-Arborist or 65-foot Hi-Ranger right up to the tree.  Or do we need to bring in a big crane for a little extra reach?

If the tree is in a tight area, then we’re looking at a crane.  This extra reach allows us to cut and move the tree down in one piece, no need to block down the tree where it stands.

Another benefit for the larger crane is it’s faster and preserves our client’s lawn and yards.

Climbers may also be used to clear some of the larger limbs before the cutting and moving of the main trunk.  Two climbers or a team may be used where one is hooking the limb and the other is cutting. Usually though, and as impressive as it is seeing someone up the tree, climbers tend to be a last resort.

There are plenty of pieces of equipment that can be used to help maintain the safety of our crew, the client’s house and the property.

When there are dead trees in backyards and where we wouldn’t send a climber there are other ways of getting the tree down.This may mean tying off to another tree or we set up a huge crane in the front and tie off to the crane and then piece it down.

On some jobs, there is just nothing safe to tie off to, and there is no access for any heavy equipment, this is when we bring in the Spider. The Spider can get right back there and because it ‘walks’ across the property, it’s very environmentally friendly. They are just so slow, though, but cool to watch.

When a project is not focused on removing a large tree but a series of smaller trees, say to clear a path, we’ll use a CAT with a forestry head.  These are great for clearing out underbrush and saplings.

You may wonder about using a bucket. Wouldn’t that help with safety as well as provide reach? The answer is yes, but the quality of the work can suffer. With a bucket we may need to unnecessarily cut down limbs just to get to right area of the tree.

There is no single approach to any job and we take pride in using a variety of approaches to avoid damaging the client’s property, and maintaining a high level of safety, when performing tree services.