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Selling Your Home Soon? Get Pruning & Stump Removal Taken Care of Before Listing


It can be far less expensive than you think to boost a property’s curb appeal and attract the right buyer. While homeowners can spend thousands of dollars on improvements to the interior of a home, the exterior of a home may continue to be neglected. What real estate agents do know is that good curb appeal has the potential to raise your property values and improve your ability to sell your home. What role do trees and stumps play in the curb appeal of a home?

When trees, shrubs and other plants are sickly or dying, they can distract homeowners from the appeal of a home. Your home needs to make a good first impression. Property maintenance is like good hygiene. In order to attract the right people, a little effort needs to be made to create a warm and welcoming exterior. This is where professional service providers can help.

Homeowners can choose from a number of ways to increase the value of their home. Learn more about tree and stump removal, power washing and other ways to inexpensively help you get maximum value for a home going on the market.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

There are a number of relatively inexpensive ways to boost a home’s curb appeal and attract prospective buyers. Taking care of eye-sores, such as dying trees and shrubs, as well as removing stumps, can get eyeballs back on the best features of a home. In can cost less than $1000 to boost a home’s curb appeal. It is possible to remove a tree and stump from a home in less than 5 hours. Tree and stump removal can provide a clean canvas from which property owners and prospective buyers can use toward landscaping and gardening projects.

Prospective homebuyers who pay top dollar do not want to deal with dead or dying flora. A home seller looking to get optimal value for a home should address issues such as dying trees and tree stumps. Tree and stump removal services can help freshen up the property and give a clean and well-maintained appearance. Dying trees or tree stumps on or near a future fence-line should be removed. Homeowners can increase their appraisal value of a home with the addition of a fence to frame the property. Fences in good condition can add impact to a property in a family-oriented neighborhood. Homeowners without a fence may want to prepare the property for the possibility of a fence installation with the removal of trees and stumps along the border.

Choose a Professional Tree and Stump Removal Service Provider

Homeowners need to select a legitimate tree and stump removal service provider. Knowledgeable homeowners can:

  • Ask service providers for certifications and credentials;
  • Request references;
  • Ask to see if their certificates of insurance are up-to-date;
  • Inquire about the tree or stump removal process and safety procedures;
  • Request a detailed written estimate before work begins; and
  • Ask about the length of time needed to complete a service.

After all, this is your property you are attempting to maintain. A professional tree and stump removal specialist will take the steps necessary to provide you with the understanding and security you may need before a project begins.

Other Recommended Property Improvements

In addition to the removal of trees and tree stumps, there are many other ways homeowners can improve the appearance of their yard during the selling process. Real estate agents advise home sellers to keep a well-maintained yard. This includes:

  • Pruning shrubs;
  • Adding fresh mulch;
  • Keeping a well-manicured lawn;
  • Putting an edge on garden beds;
  • Regular mowing and weeding; and
  • Covering up bare spots in the yard.

Homeowners should not forget the difference a power wash can make on walkways and the exterior of a home. A clean and fresh exterior sends a message that a homeowner has invested in the care and maintenance of a property.

Stage the exterior of the home, as well as the interior, for the season. Mulching around trees and shrubs help colors to pop. The addition of a few colorful plants related to the season or painting the front door either red or blue can add visual appeal to a home. Colorful plants that thrive in shady areas include Astilbe, Coleus, Creeping Jenny and some types of roses. Creeping Jenny may also be used to address bare areas in the landscape. Tree and stump removal, regular mowing, mulching and planting for the season are easy ways for homeowners to make their home attractive to prospective buyers.

This guest blog provided by: Justin Havre & Associates - an elite team of highly successful, award-winning Calgary real estate agents.